15. My Blog Journey

When I started this blog, I knew I was starting as a beginner. I had never blog before and thought it would be easy. Blogs can be frustrating but as long as you are talking about what you love, blogs will be a fun activity. I am very proud at what I have accomplished with my blog. I got to express what I truly love; the Ocean. At first, I thought blogging would be very frustrating and stressful but throughout time, I have learned to find it entertaining. I will probably not continue blogging since I have lots of plans coming up and I honestly probably cannot find time to do a blog all the time. Although, I have enjoyed it in Computer Class.

Blogging has taught me a lot through this time like paraphrasing, shortcuts, and more. I have understood shortcuts better, and I can now really paraphrase well. I think blogging is a fun way to express what you truly love such as activities, people, events, etc. I think everyone should blog at least one time in their life but some may like it, some may find it difficult.

I was angry at first


I began to feel like a polar bear


The mountains represnt blogging. I will be leaving my blog due to my schedule